LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “I wanted to serve to make my parents proud.” 

Andrew Ho, 30, enlisted in the air force and served for 7 years. When his contract ended, he said continuing his education was his goal, but adjusting to civilian life was not easy. 

“It was rough,” said Ho. “I didn’t know too many people. My high school friends had graduated college. It was a different experience.” 

That’s where Executive Director Ross Bryant came in, spearheading UNLV’s Military and Veterans Services Center. 

He said it’s focus is to help every generation of veterans come back to the classroom. 

“If you think of the Vietnam generation, there was not many services to help with the transition,” explained Bryant. “Every generation has a transition, even if you did 25 years like me.” 

Those services include admission, VA education benefits, financial aide and employment opportunities. UNLV has also been recognized nationally for being military friendly as a top 10 school for it’s diverse programs. 

“These vets are coming back from fighting a war and being in a culture where you are on a SuperBowl team. You have that brotherhood where everyone takes care of you and if you have a challenge you take care of others,” said Bryant. 

Today, Ho also serves as a mentor for incoming student vets and has been nationally recognized for his leadership.       

As the country honors those that served on Veterans’ Day, Ho said it’s the love from the community which makes it all worth it. 

“Just to give back and being appreciated.”