LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The clean-up effort on Mount Charleston is just in the beginning phase after torrential rains. However, one spot that was unscathed was the Retreat at Mount Charleston, it became a saving grace for the residents and first responders.

On Monday, morning it was business as usual for the retreat, after an intense week of helping their community in a time of desperate need. 

“We went down to a skeleton crew just to keep everyone safe and sound,” Kimberly Armstrong the operations manager said. 

Armstrong’s place of work also became her home for a few days after the storms. 

“Everyone pooled together, they were in the kitchen making peanut butter jelly sandwiches for everybody and creating an impromptu menu,” Armstrong said. 

As some residents of Mount Charleston woke up to destruction, several roads were also damaged which meant there wasn’t a way in or out. The retreat became a shelter. 

“It was bustling we had every firefighter we had tree trimmers all the Nevada Energy people all the police officers, it looked like an army base to be honest,” she said. 

Mount Charleston is known for its recreational use, but right now we don’t know when the hiking trails will open up. 

Several roads are still closed but the road to the Retreat is now open. Visitors are encouraged to come up to the retreat and take in the views.