LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A 12-year-old pit bull mix is starting to gain back some strength following a long road.

“He felt defeated because he felt the world forgot about him and you can just almost see that in his demeanor,” said Tina Hayes, a volunteer with Vegas Pet Rescue Project. 

Anikan was a healthy 65-pound dog right before he was fostered out of The Animal Foundation in October. 

Just last week Anikan was found living in a junkyard, weighing 33 pounds with a stomach full of rocks, he ate just to survive.

(Credit: Animal Foundation)

“He is a senior dog and for him to be in this condition it is unthinkable that somebody would allow this to happen,” Hayes said. 

Caretakers at Spencer Springs Animal Hospital say he must have been starving for a few weeks for him to get this way. 

However, the good news is Anikan has started to put on some weight within a few days. 

The big question is, how did Anikan get to this horrific state?

The Animal Foundations tells 8 News Now, Anikan was part of an open foster to adopt process where there are no background checks or references and fees for the potential foster. 

Anikan is also not neutered, which is unheard of in many shelters. 

The Animal Foundation said his adoption would have been finalized after his neuter surgery. 

“Somebody just missed this file. Somebody just missed this dog being neutered being taken care as a foster,” Hayes said. 

The Animal Foundation said the foster that was supposed to be taking care of Anikan has not come forward. 

Anikan will need some time to get his weight and confidence back. As for now, he is taking one paw at a time on his road to recovery.

If you would like to help with Anikan’s vet bills, you can donate HERE