LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The baristas at Dig It! Coffee Co. are usually pretty busy making sure you get the perfect morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up. However, for the past couple of months, it has been anything but convenient to get to the coffee shop.

“You understand that coffee is convenience,” owner, Taylor Chaney said. 

The ongoing construction on Casino Center Boulevard is making it harder for customers to get to Dig It! Coffee Co.

“It has hindered every part of our business,” Chaney said. “It’s blocked off all our access points and it’s taken away all of our parking.”

The road work started in April and narrowed traffic down to one way. This month both lanes were open again, but the City of Las Vegas is planning to reduce it back to one lane. 

“I know it seems silly to say there’s construction going on but no it’s real construction and it’s really impacting our business,” Chaney said. 

The construction is not only impacting their business but also those who work there too. Dig It! Coffee employs people with disabilities, so their generous pour comes with a purpose. 

Dig It! Coffee Co. (KLAS)

“You just want to provide for your people and so it’s been really hard,” Chaney said. 

Anikka Burton also works at the coffee shop and told 8 News Now working at the coffee shop is a job she truly loves. 

Chaney said they used to serve up to 200 people a day, now it’s about 40 customers a day. This is costing her to lose $10,000 a month, and has forced her to cut down on hours the shop is open. 

“I would do anything to keep this place and the people here,” Chaney said. 

Chaney suggests customers park further down in front of other businesses, pay them a visit then make their way to the coffee shop. 

The City of Las Vegas told 8 News Now the construction should be done in February of 2024. Once completed there will be wider sidewalks, more parking, and new street lights. 

Dig It! Coffee Co. is located at 1300 South Casino Center Boulevard Unit 110.