‘It concerned me that the ashes that I have are not actually our parents’: Family concerns after funeral home suspension

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Family members concerned about loved ones who were cremated at Hites Funeral Home are coming forward and speaking out.

Some have reached out to 8 News Now worried they may have the wrong remains after a former employee spoke out on the conditions inside the funeral home.

The former employee listed a number of issues he witnessed while working at the Henderson funeral home.

One issue has many people worried about the remains they picked up.

Alexis Enterline and Breanna Austin are disturbed by what they are hearing about Hites Funeral Home.

“I was really horrified when I saw it,” says Enterline. “Our parents were both cremated there last year and we had a not-so-good experience with them,” she added.

During an interview with former Hites Funeral Home employee, Rayvon Thomas 8 News Now asked him if it was possible people had the wrong remains after record-keeping issues were discussed.

“Yes there is people out there that they are not even their loved ones, sorry to say, yes definitely,” Thomas added.

After that interview, emails started pouring into 8 News Now.

“I hope they weren’t treated like some of the bodies were treated,” says Austin.

After not being impressed with the service they received, the sisters now have more questions.

“When I saw the story, it made it all come back up and it concerned me that the ashes that I have are not actually our parents,” expressed Enterline.

There are companies that will conduct DNA tests on cremains, but the chances of getting enough of a DNA sample is slim and the process is not necessarily inexpensive.

One company 8 News Now contacted estimated that the cost of running a DNA test could be around $1,600.

“Really upsets me, I want to know if they are my mom or dad or not,” adds Austin.

Now both Enterline and Austin say they wished they had chosen a different place to prepare their parents’ remains.

Their advice to those looking for funeral home services:

“If someone has a bad feeling about it maybe ask around, maybe go in and ask for a tour,” says Austin.

8 News Now reached out to Hites Funeral Home three times throughout the week but did not receive a response in return by the time this story was filed.

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