Is there a gas shortage in Las Vegas? AAA Nevada says no — it’s a trucker shortage

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many valley residents are concerned after seeing a special note on the pumps:

“No unleaded and plus gas at this time.”

According to AAA, this is the second time in a matter of months this has happened in the Las Vegas valley. The reason: a shortage of gasoline truck drivers. It is now taking a lot longer for gas to be delivered.

“This has happened in a few different markets where stations run out of gasoline,” said Sergio Avila, spokesperson for AAA Nevada.

What does this really mean?

“Is there a gas shortage? No, there’s plenty of gasoline throughout the United States,” Avila said.

But there are not enough drivers to transport the fuel, he said.

“That has caused an issue within the supply chain for gasoline, to where gas stations aren’t getting their deliveries as soon and as quickly as they typically would,” Avila said.

“In these certain areas where it happens, it’s usually held to maybe one or two different brands of gasoline,” he said.

For some, this created confusion.

“What it says is there’s no unleaded or unleaded plus, but you’ve got premium,” said Mike Hume, a valley resident.

“The sign says it’s no 87 — just the 91,” said Ahmari Love, a Centennial Hills resident. “So we were taken back. Is there no gas? Is it a gas shortage?”

Avila says if you go to a gas station of a different brand that is nearby, gas is plentiful.

“Now it’s more important to not wait until you absolutely have no gas to start looking for a gas station,” Avila said.

“I would just say keep your gas tank above the e line,” Love said.

Avila says valley residents should expect gas prices to increase as demand increases.

Next week, we could possibly see prices go up by 10 cents.

Temporary shortages have been reported in Missouri, Ohio and Iowa.

We reached out to Chevron for a statement. We are still waiting to hear back.

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