LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Recently the old ‘Mission Linen Building’ located on south first street was bought out by J. Dapper who owns several properties across the valley like the Historic Huntridge Theater that’s under renovation now.

On Wednesday, the city will discuss making the ‘Mission Linen Building’ a Historic Las Vegas site.

However, with all this history, many feel like the Art District is losing its feel and forcing higher rents.

“Rents are higher down here. Several places recently their rents were tripled,” Bobbie Ann Howell with Nevada Humanities explained.

Nevada Humanities is a non-profit social services organization that has been located in the Arts District for over a decade. Howell feels that the ‘arts’ aren’t the focus anymore.

“I always wish that there is room to keep the arts as part of it and maybe an incentive from the city that would help our landlords make that money,” she added.

Over at Fresca’s Skate Shop on Main Street, owner Amanda Quintanilla agrees. Even though her roller skate shop has been open for less than a year, she has noticed a shift in the type of businesses opening up.

Fresca’s Skate Shop located on Main Street in Las Vegas (KLAS)

“I believe the Art District is very unique and we should have more uniqueness here and all we see is more food and beverage,” Quintanilla said.

Over at The English Hotel which recently celebrated its one-year opening, General Manager, Steve Dennis insisted the goal is to preserve the art culture the district is known for.

The English Hotel located on Main Street in Las Vegas (KLAS)

“What we’ve tried to do is provide a platform for all these local artists to display here at the property,” Dennis shared.

“I used to manage some hotels around town, and I would be weary to drive in this area during the daytime a decade ago, but now it’s a walking area and park area where families can come to,” he added.

As for what’s to come of the Mission Linen Building? It’s unknown at this time, but developer, J. Dapper bought the building in August for $7.5 million.

The Historic Preservation Committee meeting will take place Wednesday at noon.