LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas courtroom designed to clean up the Strip is just one tactic Clark County officials plan to use to combat the high number of arrests in the heart of the city.

While the creation of this new courtroom, which opened in January, took a lot of planning and maneuvering, the county is not stopping there.

The areas around and on the Strip have recently been overrun with violent crime, according to retired LVMPD Lieutenant Tedd Snodgrass.

“Any kind of violent crime you can think of, specifically violent crime against the person, robberies, homicides, assaults, shootings,” Snodgrass said.

The Clark County Commission drew a map around the Strip and told Judge Melissa Saragosa to keep the constant troublemakers out.

“You’ll be given a map. You must stay out of those areas,” Saragosa said to the so-called Resort Corridor Court.

When asked if he thinks that the ban will make a difference, Clark County Commissioner, Jim Gibson said, “I think it can help. I don’t think it’s the solution but I think it can be a part of the solution to the crime that we’re experiencing on Las Vegas Boulevard.”

Snodgrass said simple fixes like signs that say no smoking marijuana and drones that monitor repeat offenders can help keep them away.

“In order for it to be successful, it can’t just all be the police. You have to have a concerted effort,” Snodgrass said.

Gibson said the judge is only part of the solution and makes sure the DA and public defender are able to take care of their responsibilities.