LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is filled with millions of people with stories to tell, but it would seem there might also be some lost souls who once called Las Vegas home before death — and they have some stories to tell, too. 

Celia Ramos and Jonathan Isenhour are paranormal investigators, a local couple who sincerely seek out ghost stories and attempt to communicate with the dead. The pair have been hunting the paranormal for more than 30 years combined and say Las Vegas is one of the most haunted areas in the nation. 

According to Isenhour, the most haunted location in Las Vegas is not on the Strip. He said the most haunted location he has come across is the Crown & Anchor Pub on East Tropicana. “Poltergeist activity, voices, hearing people walk up and down the stairs, reports of a little girl,” Isenhour told 8 News Now. “Through our investigation, we found out that there was mob activity around that area, and we did get some mob evidence, if you will.” 

One of the most haunted places in Las Vegas might be the Crown & Anchor. (Photo: Paranormal Voyages)

“I noticed that the light behind the bar kept dimming on and off,” Ramos added. “I asked the bartender if it was a dimmer and he said, ‘No, it’s a regular light switch.’” 

Another local haunt, according to Ramos and Isenhour, is located on the Las Vegas Strip at the Venetian. “We’ve investigated quite a few places here in Las Vegas, mostly residential, but we have the businesses and attractions,” Isenhour said. “Madame Tussauds on the Strip is a very well-known place but it is not really known for its hauntings. We investigated there in 2016 and we got a lot of crazy interaction.” 

The couple record all their investigations, but only share some of them. The ones they do share get edited into videos published to their YouTube channel called “Paranormal Voyages.” “We’re not your typical Youtubers,” Isenhour said. “Our sole purpose is to help people and to understand this side of it. We do a lot of residentials, and we’ve never posted any residential videos.” 

Return to the Goldfield Hotel

Celia Ramos shows the scratches she said were caused by something paranormal at the Goldfield Hotel. (Paranormal Voyages)

On Monday, Halloween, the pair released their latest video. This video brings them out of Las Vegas about three hours northwest to Goldfield. It will be their second video about the Goldfield Hotel. “The first time we went in 2020 she was attacked,” Isenhour said about Ramos. 

“I was confused, and I felt like, I didn’t feel like I was on this earth,” Ramos told 8 News Now. “I was drained, I had scratches. I felt like I was in a different atmosphere, different place and so yeah, so for my safety, we decided to leave.” 

Home sweet paranormal home

For a couple who surround themselves with creepy things away from home, one might think their home would be void of anything paranormal. But that’s just not the case for these two. 

“When we first got her, she was sent to us by someone and the lights began to flicker in our home and the person that helped her bring it up from the office that came with her was like, ‘Oh OK, it’s time for me to leave.’ ” Isenhour is describing the first doll he and Ramos brought into their home. They now have several dolls, each with their own energy. “We had scratches coming from inside the box, I kept her in her box, probably for about a week before I opened her, and she was bubble-wrapped.” 

Another doll the couple has is from Mexico. Ramos said it belonged to a family who was having a lot of poltergeist activity and disembodied voices in their home. Ramos said she now targets men, “Male figures that come to visit like our friends, and they’ve been targeted by her energy.”

When asked why they have these possibly possessed things in their home, Isenhour said it is “to keep the energy at bay.” Ramos added that workers fixing things in their home will tell them of strange feelings like someone standing behind them when they are the only person there. 

A paranormal Halloween? 

Both Ramos and Isenhour say they love Halloween. “All Hallows Eve is supposed to be the time of year for Samhain,” Ramos said. “A lot of people who practice witchcraft celebrate this day also, the Day of the Dead.”  

Ramos said Halloween is the one day of the year when “a lot of energy tends to break free.” 

“During Halloween, the veil is at its thinnest and a lot of people believe energy has a lot to do with a lot of experiences as well,” Isenhour said. “Around Halloween, a majority of people are so focused on that and excited, their energy goes toward it, so it sparks up a lot more paranormal activity.” 

For Isenhour, Halloween is exciting and “a way to express yourself in a way that you can’t just normally go around into all year.”