Interview: UNLV professor gives tips on navigating the long list of judicial nominees on the ballot this election

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Voters will be electing dozens of judges to the bench in this election and although much of the focus is on the big races, there are key judicial decisions to be made on the ballot this year.

I-Team’s David Charns talked Dr. Rebecca Gill, political science professor at UNLV who explained what voters can do to make the process easier.

According to Dr. Gill, one thing that can be confusing or intimidating for voters is that judicial races are not identified by a political party and that they are virtually unknown names and unfamiliar to voters.

“It is intimidating it is daunting and if one were to try to do the background research on all of these folks it will take a really long time … these folks are not designated on the ballot with a particular party identification because we have non partisan elections here and what that means is then that you open up the ballot and you see just a sea of names and there’s very little there to help you understand anything at all about these candidates and what’s more is that most of the work that they do it is happening largely outside of public view most of us don’t sort of hang around the court buildings to see how our judges are making decisions so it can be very difficult to get information about the judges.”

Dr. Rebecca Gill, Associate Professor of Political Science, UNLV

Dr. Gill’s guidance in getting to know and understand the judicial candidates suggests that as a voter you seek out groups who will likely be on the candidate’s radar for support and will likely speak to the group in more intimate, or smaller sessions that allow for more one-on-one contact with potential voters.

“Faced with this very long ballot, one of the things that you can do, is that you can use some of the resources that some local groups have put together I know the local league of women voters group has done quite a few information sessions, kind of meet the candidate sessions so there’s a lot of information available there,” added Dr. Gill.

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