Intersection to get traffic light where boy was killed

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The intersection where 12-year-old Jonny Smith was struck and killed by a car will get a traffic light, according to Clark County officials.

A traffic study showed the intersection of Fort Apache Road and Arby Avenue, near Faiss Middle School, in southwest Las Vegas warrants having a light. 

Jonny Smith is in the middle.
Jonny Smith is in the middle.

(Jonny Smith is pictured in the middle.)

Smith was killed as he crossed Ft. Apache Road on March 25. Following his death, families in the neighbor urged the county to put in a traffic light.

“We have a middle school, obviously two elementary schools in the area, a park, an aquatic facility. So, there’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood and we want to keep them safe,” said County Commissioner Justin Jones. 

The light will be installed next year.

“They do have to walk, and this is a high traffic zone,” said Ivette Martinez, parent.

“It’s crazy,” said Sally Johnson, parent. “Drivers are just going down; flying down that street like it’s 50-60 mph.”

“If you live in these neighborhoods down here it’s a little bit of a burden to walk all the way down there,” Jones.

Jones began overseeing District F in January, and his first large order of business was to look into the intersection where the students were hit.

“We asked for a traffic study from our public works department; they were able to complete the traffic study this last week,” Jones said. “It does show that a traffic signal is justified at this intersection.”

The four-way traffic signal should be installed by next summer, which would be a much-needed change for parents 

“It’s really sad that it took something like that to happen,” Martinez said. 

“It’s a good thing it will slow down the traffic,” according to Johnson. “It’ll help the kids actually cross where they need to.”

Although nothing can replace the life of Jonny Smith, steps are being taken in the right direction to prevent another tragedy.

“I made a commitment to Jonny’s mom a couple [of] weeks ago here that I was gonna make sure this intersection was safer and I’m holding up to my commitment,” Jones said. “I told her that I didn’t want her son to die in vain.” 

Other options were considered, such as lowering the speed limit or adding flashers, but after the traffic study, it was revealed that was needed the most was traffic signals. 

The traffic signals should be installed by the next “Wet N’ Wild season in 2020. The water park is also in that area.

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