Internet scams took $28.9M from Nevadans, report says

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada ranks No.3 in the nation for the most Internet scam victims per capita in a study released by CenturyLinkQuote on Tuesday.

For every 10,000 people in the state, more than 17 have fallen victim to a scam. That adds up almost 5,300 people, with each of those victims losing an average of almost $5,500. A total of $28.9 million was taken from Nevadans by scammers.

Data from the survey came from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

The Top 10 states (followed by number of victims per 10,000 population and the average loss per victim):

  1. Alaska (21.67, $2,256.30)
  2. Virginia (17.47, $2,958.95)
  3. Nevada (17.44, $5,472.79)
  4. Colorado (16.64, $3,595.72)
  5. Washington (14.55, $5,616.07)
  6. Maryland (14.50, $5,375.44)
  7. California (12.40, $9,187.70)
  8. Arizona (11.44, $5,626.77)
  9. Florida (11.43, $7,427.51)
  10. Wisconsin (11.42, $3,722.89)

The state where victims were scammed the least: South Dakota.

The highest average loss per victim occurred in North Carolina, where victims lost an average of $18,241.52. Five other states had averages above $10,000 per victim.

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