LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Tuesday is International Day of Yoga.

Maria Campanero and Christina Scafiti of Redemption Fitness in Henderson came to 8 News Now to explain why it helps.

“Yoga is so important because it helps us to increase the awareness of our body. It helps keeps us in the here and now. So, when you’re present inside your body, you feel amazing,” Scafiti said.

“You’re not in the past, you’re not in the future, you’re right there in your present. So that awareness, along with the breath and the physical movement of the body is just really a great way to heal, to revive your body, to bring more energy and just to bring more joy to your life,” she said.

Scafiti showed us the cat-cow position, which she called “like a crunch for your spine.”

You can do yoga anywhere that you have space. It might seem intimidating at first, but start with an easy foundation and build from there.