LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An Instagram model accused of killing her boyfriend in Miami several months ago had allegedly attacked him in a hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip last year, an incident report revealed.

Courtney Clenney, 26, is facing a charge of second-degree murder in connection with the death of 27-year-old Christian Obumseli. She was arrested in Hawai’i last week, four months after he was killed.

Miami police responded to calls about a domestic disturbance at the couple’s apartment on April 3, where they said Clenney had stabbed Obumseli.

Security staff in the apartment building said there had been many incidents of loud arguments between the two after they moved into the building in January 2022, according to Miami State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

Those arguments did not appear to be the first between the couple, who had been dating since November 2020.

Clenney was charged with domestic battery in July 2021 after allegedly throwing a glass at Obumseli’s head in a room at The Cosmopolitan.

On July 27 at around 5 a.m., Obumseli told police he had been sleeping on a couch in the room when Clenney woke him up and told him to come to bed. When he said he did not want to because he had been frustrated from an earlier argument, a fight ensued and Clenney allegedly threw the glass at him.

Clenney later told police that she had thrown items like plates and glasses at Obumseli before, the report said. She allegedly said that “it wasn’t a big deal and she no longer needed” police.

She had initially called hotel security because she wanted Obumseli to leave the room, according to the report.

Clenney also told police that she had then pushed Obumseli and he grabbed her by her hair. She said he then pressed his fist on her neck “showing that he wanted to hit her,” the report said.

Clenney was charged with domestic battery after the incident, but the charges were later dropped by the district attorney.

Two days before Obumseli’s death, police had been called to the apartment, when Clenney had allegedly appeared intoxicated, Rundle said.

After his death, Clenney told police she stabbed Obumseli when he grabbed her by the throat and shoved her against the wall, according to Rundle. Clenney allegedly said that she ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and threw it at him from about 10 feet away.

According to Rundle, police didn’t find evidence that Clenney had been hurt and the medical examiner found that Obumseli’s stab wound was more consistent with a “forceful downward thrust” than with a throw from a far distance.

Clenney is awaiting extradition to Miami-Dade County.

“Every act of violence in a relationship is always an act of domestic violence. Those words, ‘domestic violence,’ should have a decidedly ugly feel to them,” Rundle said in a news conference.

Those experiencing domestic violence or abuse can find a list of online and telephone resources through this link.