LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As Hurricane Dorian’s devastation continues to devastate the Bahamas, people in states like Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas are bracing for the storm to make landfall in those locations. Volunteers from Las Vegas are also on the front line of the storm.

“I’ve been here since Friday,” said American Red Cross member Cynthia De La Torre. “I don’t know when I’m going back.” 

De La Torre and other local volunteers booked a one-way ticket across the country, and now they’re on standby — waiting for the storm to land. 

“We treat it as any disaster would be, you know, catastrophic,” continued Del La Torre. “We prepare the same; we don’t want to get caught off guard.”

De La Torre gave 8 News NOW an inside look at how they prepare when she shared videos showing her crew turning a high school gym into an evacuation center. The area will offer people shelter from the storm, along with a shoulder to lean on.

“You learn their stories, and you just, you know, you really relate,” De La Torre explained. “Myself, I’m a single mother, and I had to leave my daughter with my mom. So you go to a community, and you see another single mother with her daughter, you know, except they have to go to a safe place to ride up the storm. It’s that tie that you have, and it really gives you perspective.”

De La Torre and her team are currently in Orlando, but as the storm shifts, so could their assigned area. They hope Dorian stays off-shore, but they’re ready if it does make landfall. 

“Mother Nature is unpredictable,” she said. “And so is this hurricane.”

More volunteers are on standby, ready to be deployed as well. The Red Cross encourages anyone interested in helping to text “Dorian” to 90999 to donate $10 or visit the Red Cross’ website for more information.