LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup soccer tournament saw families from all over traveling for the competition, however, with rising costs due to inflation, many families struggled merely to make the trip.

Christina Chavez-johnson was visiting Las Vegas from California to attend her children’s soccer match at the Mayor’s Cup on Saturday. She, like so many parents visiting for the tournament, shared her struggles with the rise of inflation.

“Food is really expensive. We spend like a thousand dollars a week at Costco,” said Chavez-Johnson.

Many parents said it was a struggle just getting to the tournament, claiming many fellow teammates had to drop out because of the increase in travel costs.

“We were really surprised at how expensive it was to get here,” said Matt Wu, also from California. “We contemplated driving the nine to 10 hours because the flights were so expensive.”

Parents who traveled internationally expressed similar concerns.

“Gas prices in Europe are high anyway, and in the U.K. it’s much higher than in the United States even at the best of times,” said David Newbery from the United Kingdom.

Juan Arroyo, a soccer coach from Mexico said filling up his tank just isn’t what it used to be.
“Gas in Juarez, it keeps steady, but the quality of the gas is not the same, so you could put $50 here and it will last you, but if you put $50 dollars in Juarez you’ll get the same amount but it will only last you about two-thirds of what it should have,” said Arroyo.