LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Industry experts said Las Vegas could see more movies there here as many film projects look to expand outside of Hollywood. 

“We’re excited to be a part of that story,” Daniel Malleck, Director of Content & Innovation for Vu told 8 News Now. 

As more filmmakers look to make Las Vegas home, studios like Vu are taking advantage of the opportunity. 

Malleck shared his hopes for the production future during an industry workshop Thursday. 

“The idea that things have to be made in Hollywood,” Malleck said. “That’s kind of a thing of the past.”

As many projects look to leave California, Nevada is cashing in on the change. 

Around 7,000 movies, television shows, and commercials have already been shot in Southern Nevada, and the Nevada Film Office is offering incentives and boasting about our lack of state tax to bring more on board. 

Vu General Manager Jason Soto told 8 News Now it all means big business. 

“When a feature film project comes to Las Vegas,” Soto explained. “It creates additional hotel room nights, additional revenue for small businesses.”

That coupled with virtual studios like Vu offering more creative options, and a few big names now living in Southern Nevada, means the Silver State might just be a perfect spot for the next big blockbuster. 

“More than ever,” Malleck said. “People want to have more choices.” Vu executives also spoke about its most recent film shoot starring Nicolas Cage, who lives in Las Vegas, set to come out in the summer of 2023.