LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Throughout the entire election, multiple groups and campaigns targeted to reach the Latino community. Groups like Latinos for Trump and Mi Familia Vota who say 2020 was a very unique year for Latino voters.

“Voting to me is the one power that’s keeping us from facing an existential crisis,” said Kimberly Estrada, a voter.

“People have long said Latino voters are not monolithic, and it’s very true,” said Robert Lang, the Professor of Urban Affairs at UNLV.

According to Lang, there’s a big difference between Florida Latinos and those in Arizona and Nevada.

“Florida has a lot of Caribbean or South American latinos who are quite conservative coming from countries like Cuba and Venezuela that sort of Trump charge [is that] anyone’s a socialist that’s not Trump.”

Lang says the Caribbean and South American Latinos appear more positive towards the Republican party than Latinos in the rest of the country. Lang said he was impressed with the number of Latino voters in the valley.

“The numbers looked good,” Lang said. “We’re up generally with other groups as well, but yeah, this is a year that Latinos helped determined the fate of the election.”

Ceo of Mi Familia Vota, Hector Sanchez Barba, agrees. Throughout the six states, they have operations that include Florida, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and California. He saw historical numbers.

Almost 9 million was the Latino vote in early voting.

“Just the fact that young Latinos from 18-29 came out in historical numbers, it increased 300% on the young Latino vote. That by itself is a national story,” Sanchez Barba said.

Sanchez Barba says he is pleased with the work Mi Familia Vota did throughout the nation. Together they placed 4.9 million calls, 2.6 million text messages, and knocked on 500,000 doors.

“When we educate our community, they turn out to vote,” said “Cecilia Alvarado, Nevada voter. “Latinos were eager to do this election in Nevada, and they did.