SUNRISE MANOR, Nev. (KLAS) — Sunrise Manor, a large and diverse area sitting on the far eastern edge of the Las Vegas valley, happens to be a hot spot in the real estate market.

Homes in the Las Vegas area have appreciated over the past year or so, and are still selling fast as more for sale signs go up. That’s also true for the older Sunrise Manor area right now, which only has less than 250 homes on the market.

Andrew and Jen Hurtado, a young couple living in the area, are wondering if it’s time to cash in on the value of their home as the Las Vegas housing market takes off.

“We’re constantly getting bombarded in the mail, calls, people trying to buy our house,” Jen said. “And that kind of got the idea going, should we sell or just buy a second property?”

Realtor Alex Vasquez with Coldwell Banker has been on the go since the pandemic shutdown last year. The Hurtados called Vasquez to explore their options.

The couple are young, married, working professionals who moved to Sunrise Manor five years ago looking for an affordable first home in a community they identify with.

“The cultural connection is the biggest selling point for us. Being in walking distance of our favorite foods and snacks, like our local vendors,” Andrew explained. “That’s kind of the vibe we’re looking for and we aim to stay around in. That’s what we like, that’s what we grew up with and that’s what brought us to the east side of Las Vegas.”

Vasquez heads up the new Home Experts office in Henderson, with clients all over the valley. He knows the established east side offers what many other areas can’t.

“So you can get a lot more backyard, more front yard, more green, there’s no HOAs to tell you exactly how to keep up your home,” Vasquez said.

But new home builders are creating more choices for buyers in this area. Lennar Homes is one of three builders making progress on brand new developments, which sound pricy for Sunrise Manor.

“It’s still very affordable, particularly with low interest rates. You’re looking at a brand new home at 350,000 as opposed to a Summerlin where you’re looking in the 500,000s,” Vasquez noted.

He says that’s certainly one option for the Hurtados. But the couple says they’d also like to move up the hill, to a larger home with a bigger yard for their rambunctious family. Whatever they choose, they know the east side is home.

Vasquez told 8 News Now that land is premium in the east valley. There will be three new developments there, and the Royal Links Golf Course has been sold to a developer that could put as many as 1,200 new homes on the property.