LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As Southern Nevada moves through the pandemic, there’s one place in the far northwest valley that’s helping to bring the community together.

The City of Las Vegas Community Center and Ymca. Inside the building, there are swimming lessons for preschoolers, tai chi lessons for seniors and just about everything in between.

“As I’ve gotten older, it seems like the kindest exercise as the body ages. It has a lot to do with inner strength and I think that is important right now,” said tai chi student Layna Sloane.

She showed off her practice sword and said the master even suggests a fan that can be used for self-protection in addition to cooling off.

celia morey comes to the y for two reasons

“They offer child care for my little one while we parents work out and we’re doing swim lessons twice a week as well. He’s not crying with the child care, I’m surprised. I looked in the windows and he was dancing with everybody,” said Celia Morey, who uses the YMCA.

She thinks everyone is starting to see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

“We go to a lot of the city parks. The Centenial Hills park has a splash pad, which we’ve been going to that and parents do socialize and talk.