LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This is a difficult time for local businesses especially with more restrictions being put in place in recent weeks.

Governor Steve Sisolak ordered restaurants and bars to cut capacity from 50% to 25% to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Mary Beth Sewald, the head of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, said businesses are getting creative to comply with this latest round of restrictions.

“They’re really working hard to stay at their capacities. You see the video. It’s tough to see the empty bars and restaurants we are seeing,” she said. It’s devastating for some of our businesses. I have to tell you. Some of them are closing up shop.”

For many businesses, the holiday season usually makes up about 20% of their annual sales.

“We’re encouraging people, especially through this holiday shopping season to shop small, shop local because that really does help our small businesses to survive and thrive. When you shop local you are keeping people employed in our community and it’s so important to the job market and the local economy that we do shop small,” Sewald said.