LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Honoring a life taken too soon — a vigil was held Sunday for 7-year-old, Liam Husted. It is a case we have been following for over 2 weeks.

Liam Husted’s body was found on a hiking trail outside of Las Vegas last month.

Sunday night, family, friends and supporters gathered to celebrate Liam’s life at Sunset Park.

The vigil was a red and white affair as people gathered in his favorite colors.

This story has caught the attention of so many around the country and Sunday evening, Liam’s father spoke out and is still reacting to the devastating news.

“I’m still in shock. I still don’t want to believe it,” said Nick Husted — Liam’s father. “To take him under your wing like he was your own, when I wasn’t able to be here with him, it really means a lot to me and I know he appreciates it.”

People from all around Las Vegas came out in Liam’s favorite colors — red and white — with balloons and bubbles in hand. It was a celebration of life hosted by a Las Vegas local who has been following the story from the start.

“You know they asked if I would put the event together, and of course, I’m not going to say no,” said organizer Vanessa Browning. “I have kids of my own, so it hits close to home.”

Andre Crockett, another Las Vegas resident who owns a funeral home says the number of cases he has seen with children dying is unnerving. He says he came out to pay his respects.

“Throughout the years, we have dealt with a lot of children that die at the hands of adults and children don’t have a voice,” Crockett said.

Police believe Liam’s mother, Samantha Moreno Rodriguez, took Liam’s life in the Las Vegas area, but the case spans at least three states: California, Nevada and Colorado.

“Here’s this 7-year-old that nobody really knew who he was, and they didn’t know a name for him when they first found him, and no one was reporting a missing child,” Crockett said of the case.

Currently, Moreno Rodriguez is being held in police custody in Denver. She has yet to be transferred here to Las Vegas.

Liam’s father created a GoFundMe, and it has already exceeded its goal of $20,000 and continues to grow. For more information, CLICK HERE.