LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As cases of violence on Clark County School District campuses continue, several teachers, shared their frustrations with 8 News Now on Thursday. 

“I’m angry,” Cimarron-Memorial High School teacher Karlana Kulseth said. “I’m so angry.”

Kulseth is one of many teachers at their wits end, as violence keeps happening at school. 

“These kids are communicating something,” Kulseth said. “And as a district, we are not listening.”

Legacy High School in North Las Vegas is the latest in the spotlight, as CCSD Police said Thursday, three people came onto the campus in a stolen car to start a fight; a loaded gun was found under the passenger seat. 

A Legacy High School employee who wants to remain anonymous, said they are still shaken. 

“These other students from other campuses are coming onto our campus,” the employee said. “Which makes me worry.”

This comes just one day after three students were arrested for assault or battery on staff members at three separate campuses. 

The district has since said it is increasing security at every school and has implemented a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, but these educators told 8 News Now that’s just not enough.

“There’s no more time to listen,” Kulseth said. “Now is the time for action.”

She wants to see those in charge visiting classrooms and even holding town halls to reach families. 

Others, including the Legacy High School employee who spoke with 8 News Now, would like to see a stronger police presence. 

“I think it would totally help if they had more security,” they said. 

Most everyone agreed that more needs to be done before it’s too late. 

“I don’t want a life to be lost before someone says okay,” the Legacy High School employee said. “Now we have to change things.”

Police said the two teens and one adult that caused Thursday’s disturbance at Legacy High School were all arrested and face multiple charges.