LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Times have been tough for some people and it shows around the valley. Even along the Las Vegas Strip, where the homeless have become more prevalent.

As one of the most popular streets in the world, Las Vegas Boulevard offers an opportunity for some homeless to eke out a living.

“Not everyone wants to be homeless out here,” said Chamber King, a musician who spends much of his time on the Strip. “I’m not a bad person, I’m an honest person, I’m a hardworking person and I just want to be treated as such, that’s all.”

King moved to Las Vegas from Kentucky with his girlfriend, but when the relationship came to an end, he found himself with nowhere to live.

Some tourists, however, can feel uncomfortable with the large homeless presence on the Strip.

But, Steven Campbell, a social media influencer said “the homeless are people like anyone else. A lot of them have severe problems that we don’t know about.”

In response to the issue of homelessness in Las Vegas, LVMPD has created the Homeless Outreach Team, with the goal to address the problem and bring resources to those in need.