UPDATE: The woman killed in a mobile home fire has been identified Janae Marie Kachelmeyer, 39 of Las Vegas. The cause of death is still pending due to the investigation.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The woman accused of setting a mobile home on fire, killing one woman, reportedly was upset over a relationship involving several other people, an arrest report revealed Thursday.

The fire was reported Wednesday around 4 p.m. at 1322 Mojave Road.

By the time Las Vegas Fire & Rescue arrived, a trailer was engulfed in flames, people were fighting outside of the home and a woman was suffering from burns to over 90% of her body, the report said.

According to police, six adults were in the trailer at the time the fire had started. Three of them were taken into custody: Tiffany Willis, 37; Arnold Copeland and Keshaun Wynton. Willis is charged with murder.

The injured woman, who has not been identified and is only being addressed as “Jane Doe,” was present near where the fire started and died from her injuries Wednesday night, police said.

According to the report, Willis and Copeland were in a relationship and were living in the home with the homeowners. They were friends with Wynton and the victim, who often came over to hang out at the home, police said.

At the time of this incident, Wynton was also living at the residence, and was sexually involved with both the victim and Willis, police said.

The fire was reported Wednesday around 4 p.m. at 1322 Mojave Road. (KLAS)

Sometime before 4 p.m. Wednesday, a person in the home said he heard Willis and Copeland come home and overheard an argument between Willis and Wynton, during which Wynton told Willis that she didn’t need to know details about his personal life.

According to Wynton, he and the victim had been laying on a foam mattress in a makeshift patio when Willis and Copeland returned. When Copeland came in, he confronted Willis about cheating on him with Wynton, and when Wynton confirmed it, Copeland then broke up with Willis.

According to the report, Willis became upset by this, walked over to Wynton and the victim, and said “I’m gonna set it on fire,” before walking away.

Wynton overheard Willis asking someone for a lighter before she walked back to the patio area, bent over the mattress and lit it on fire, police said.

Copeland helped the two homeowners get out of the trailer while Wynton tried to put out the fire. Wynton told police that he then walked into the street and saw Willis leaving.

According to police, six adults were in the trailer at the time the fire had started. Three of them were taken into custody, including Tiffany Willis, 37. (KLAS)

Wynton yelled at a neighbor, who had noticed the smoke and commotion and came outside, to stop Willis from leaving.

Shortly afterward, the victim stumbled out into the street, suffering apparent severe burns. Copeland then tried to help her by putting out the flames with his jacket and spraying her with a hose.

After emergency services arrived and Willis was taken into custody, she told police that Wynton started the fire. Copeland told police that she had also told him this during the incident.

When detectives told her that witnesses had heard her asking for a lighter and setting fire to the mattress, she began crying and said that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, but wanted to scare Wynton because of their “on and off again relationship issues.”

Wynton had told police that at the time, he thought Willis was trying to kill him, the report said.

Willis continued to tell police that she recalled starting the fire in the makeshift patio where Wynton and the victim were. She said she used a black lighter to light the fire and then hid it in a nearby dumpster. Detectives later found the lighter in a dumpster about 30 feet from the trailer.

Officials said the trailer where the fire started was destroyed beyond repair.

Wilcox’s nearby trailer was partially destroyed and required significant emergency repairs.

Willis was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of open murder, attempted murder, and two counts of arson. She is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.