LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man who allegedly killed another man by striking him in the head with a brick told police he did it in cold blood, according to his arrest report.

Malik Price, 27, was arrested after allegedly killing the victim, Christopher David, with a brick. Price also allegedly battered a different man and tried to sell a firearm to a third man.

Officers responded around midnight on Monday, Oct. 3 to an area on S. Las Vegas Boulevard between Hacienda Avenue and Russell Road after someone reported seeing a man lying on the ground who appeared to be shot in the head.

Police found David lying on the ground and a “large decorative brick” with blood on it near him, the report said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two witnesses nearby contacted the officers and said one of them had been punched by an unknown suspect, later identified as Price. Police then contacted someone at a Motel 8 near the scene, who said Price had tried to sell him a gun and was rambling about “leaving a blood trail,” the report said.

Minutes later, officers found Price walking down Las Vegas Boulevard and took him into custody. Evidence later revealed that the tread on Price’s sneakers matched a footprint found near David’s body. He also appeared to have blood on his pants and shoes, according to the report.

In an interview with police, officers struggled to advise Price of his rights because he was “rapping and rambling about Jesus Christ, Navy SEALs, 9/11, the Koran, and other non-relevant topics.” When Malik eventually said he understood his rights and officers began questioning him, the interview was “going nowhere,” the report said.

“Malik kept referring to Jesus Christ but would then jump to Navy SEALs and the Marine Corps being involved in the 9/11 attacks,” the report said, adding that Malik then became upset and allegedly tried to punch and kick detectives.

When police stopped the interview and tried to take DNA evidence, he said, “I did it, I’m a filthy murderer. Yup, I hit him upside with a tombstone… I saw a sign to be a violent gentleman today,” according to the report.

When Malik was being transported to the Clark County Detention Center, body-worn camera footage from officers showed Malik saying something to the effect of “I killed that man in cold blood” and “If you let me out of jail, I’ll become a serial killer,” the report said.

Price was being held at the detention center Thursday on a charge of open murder. He is scheduled to make his initial court appearance on Monday, Oct. 10.