LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Some Summerlin residents are fearful after illegal fireworks started a small brush fire nearly two months in advance of the Fourth of July holiday.

The incident happened on May 7 in the area of Vista Run Drive and Long Stone Lane in Summerlin, when residents taking an evening stroll were met with the loud bang of an explosion and sparks in the sky.

“It looked like the fireworks you see on the Fourth of July,” said Ryder Hong, a resident in the area.

After the startling bang, Hong and his mother, Trina, saw the fire on the side of the road. The flames were not overwhelming yet, but Hong said he knew if nothing was done, it would quickly grow out of control.

“It’s huge, it’s on the ground, and smoke is everywhere,” said Hong.

Hong and his mother sprung into action, trying to extinguish the blaze. More neighbors came to aid them, and soon the fire was out. Eladio Canibano, a neighbor who helped put out the flame,s lives right behind the wall where the fire erupted. He said he did his best to help.

“I went and grabbed some water, and I threw it over the fence,” said Canibano. “It was really scary because it was so close, and the sound felt like gunshots.”

Trina Nguyen believes she knows who the culprits in the illegal firework launch are likely to be.

“I don’t think this is adult’s work. I think it’s kids doing it, and they think it’s fun,” said Nguyen. “They’re not realizing the consequences and the damage it could cause to all of these homes.”

Robert Nolan, Fire Marshal for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, reminded residents in the Las Vegas valley that the use of illegal fireworks is a crime and is punishable with a hefty fine.

“The Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Department would like to remind valley residents that legal fireworks, those that have been tested and approved as ‘Safe and Sane’ by the Southern Nevada Fireworks Task Force, go on sale June 30 through July 4.”

Officials add that illegal fireworks can be identified as any that fly in the air, move on the ground, or explode. A large amount of illegal fireworks have been discovered in the past in Clark County. Nearly a ton of illegal fireworks have been confiscated on a single night, according to Nolan.