Local bar offers free breakfast if you leave your car overnight

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas community has seen its fair share of deadly DUI accidents over the past few weeks. It has torn families apart and left many people searching for solutions. 

Jonathan Fine is the owner of Parkway Tavern. He knows it is partly his responsibility to keep customers safe. 

“A tragedy like we’ve had recently, we’ve had a few of them here in Las Vegas, should never happen. It’s inexcusable,” said Fine. “Everyone’s gotta do their part. Owning a bar, I have a responsibility to the community, the community around us.”

If you leave your car at Parkway Tavern overnight, a green flier will be placed on your vehicle. It’s a safe driver citation to thank you for driving responsibly.

“You leave your car here. You come in and pick it up. There’s a flier on your car, and you get a free classic breakfast,” said Bridgett Scott, a bartender. 

It’s actually somewhat of a thank you letter. 

“It’s an incentive for people not to drink and drive when they leave,” said Fine. 

Fine also uses an app to monitor how much a patron drinks. 

“If you have a certain amount of drinks, you’ll get a push notification to your phone that says it looks like you’ve been having a great time, ask a manager, and we’re happy to get a ride for you,” said Fine. 

A notable 35,000 people have downloaded the Parkway Team app.

“We make sure that our guests get home the appropriate way, if I have to take keys, I’ll take keys. I’ll do whatever it takes,” said Scott. 

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