LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An iconic Las Vegas home could be on the edge of being demolished.

The Hartland Mansion, also known as “Mansion 54”, located east of the Arts District has been scheduled to be taken down after a new owner bought the property.

“Fire trucks started coming and people in the yard and trash, sawing and people on the roof,” said Mia Palencar, a neighbor to the property and Historic District secretary.

Palencar couldn’t believe this iconic property across from her home on 6th and Park Paseo could soon disappear.

“It’s got a huge history starting in the ’40s. Elvis stayed here. Michael Jackson and many bands played here, Frank Sinatra too. It was beautiful inside at one point.”

According to the Nevada Film Commission website, the Harland Mansion was built in the 1940s. It began as two separate properties, but in the ’70s, it combined into one.

Grammy-gospel singer Toni Hart purchased the home in the 80s and the family renovated it with a unique look.

“It was gorgeous inside. It had a swimming pool and lots of gold and artifacts,” Palencar reminisced.

The movie Casino and Cee Lo Green’s “All I Need is Love” music video with the muppets were just a sample of the projects filmed inside the property over the years, but now that will soon be part of the past.

Both city and fire officials have told 8 News Now that plans to demolish the property are underway.

County records show the home was sold in May of this year for $4 million to Lanny Dean Love, owner of the Adult Superstores.

“We are all concerned about what they are going to put there. We really don’t want another highrise.”

8 News Now reached out to the new property owner but did not hear back. Fire officials said until the demolition happens, fire crews will be using the property of safety drills.