LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman tells 8 News Now she is suing a Henderson senior living facility after she said her brother died under their watch.

The lawyer says 56-year-old Andrew Louie walked out and was found dead on the street.

It’s a grim reality that Kristine Lo said will haunt her forever.

During the pandemic, Lo said her brother developed dementia and she did all she could to care for him.

“I keep him at home until I said this is getting too much,” Lo said. “He would get up in the middle of the night playing with water, flush the toilet 30 times a day.”

That’s when she said she started looking for additional help.

She looked into added support through Pacifica Senior Living in Green Valley.

Their website states, “The safety of you and your loved ones is our top priority.”

Lo described it as an ideal site, especially since her brother was known to wander.

Her attorney Dennis Prince with Prince Law Group, described the situation that her brother quickly found himself in.

“Within 48 hours of being in the facility he escapes and the reason it happened, is because they put him in the wrong facility. They are supposed to put him in a locked facility,” Prince said.

According to Henderson Police officers were dispatched on August 20, 2021, to Bermuda and Volunteer Road where they found a man deceased in the desert area.

He matched the description of a missing Asian man from a nearby senior living facility.

The Clark County Coroner’s office stated the man had died from heat stress with dehydration and an additional condition of dementia.

Lo said she was notified a short time later regarding his death.

“I was just heartbroken, to say the least,” Lo added. “I couldn’t stop crying all day and night.”

She tells 8 News Now she is seeking justice in hopes a similar situation does not happen to another family again.