I-Team: What’s happened since major announcement to end UFO secrecy?

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One year ago today, a Pentagon intelligence officer stepped forward to announce that he had been in charge of a secret military study of UFOs.

The statement by Luis Elizondo set off a chain reaction that is still unfolding, and several of the story angles led right here to Nevada.

WATCH: George Knapp’s story of the announcement from Oct. 11, 2017

The I-Team has been keeping track of what’s happened over the past 12 months.

The UFO world tends to want it all and want it now, so no matter what Elizondo and his colleagues have said or done since then would be enough for the die hard saucer people but some pretty remarkable things have been made public in the year since the announcement was made on Oct 11, 2017.

The event was organized by rock star Tom DeLonge. On a stage in Seattle with DeLonge was a group of people with extensive military and intelligence backgrounds. They came forward to announce a new initiative to push for an end to UFO secrecy. It’s called To The Stars Academy. The event didn’t generate a lot of news coverage that day, but that changed once it sunk in that just-retired Pentagon intelligence officer Luis Elizondo was admitting what many had long suspected — mainly, that the U.S. government has secretly been studying UFO incidents all along, collecting videos, testimony, and other evidence.

“For nearly the last decade, I ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies, it was in this position I learned that the phenomena is indeed real,” Elizondo said.

He and To The Stars subsequently arranged for the release of previously unknown Pentagon videos showing encounters between U.S. military pilots and mysterious, highly advanced craft. An explosion of worldwide media coverage followed a front page story in the New York Times.

In addition to AATIP, the program Elizondo headed, another program, sponsored by Nevada Senator Harry Reid and based in Las Vegas was also made public.

The I-Team interviewed Reid and others and released multiple documents related to the secret UFO studies, and we’ve learned, there have been closed door briefings for congressional staff. So what comes next? One of the goals announced a year ago was the collection and analysis of anomalous materials, that is, bits and pieces of metals or so-called meta-materials, scraps that may have been stashed away for decades that are now undergoing the most advanced analysis possible.

We’ve already heard hints that some of these materials appear to be beyond anything known to modern engineering. A formal announcement about those findings is expected after the first of the year.

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