LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— The complaint filed Monday in Clark County District Court accuses David Marlon, the co-founder of Vegas Stronger and CEO of CrossRoads of Southern Nevada, a drug and alcohol rehab center, of sexually assaulting and harassing an employee.

The employee is named in the complaint under the fictional name of “Gahyne Doahe” and claims she had been a previous patient at CrossRoads and later became employed by Marlon as his personal assistant. “Doahe” says Marlon offered her a $60,000 yearly salary which was paid by the Vegas Stronger non-profit organization payroll, despite most of her documentation reflected she was as an employee at CrossRoads of Southern Nevada. 

According to “Doahe’s” complaint, the sexual advances by Marlon began as early as her first day of work in mid-April. During her employment, “Doahe” says she suffered “numerous acts of sexual violence, physical violence, mental torture, harassment, humiliation, retaliation, threats and fear such that listing every instance of the same would be impossible.”  

“Doahe” states that Marlon lives a BDSM lifestyle and forced her to take extreme measures to hide his infidelities from his wife.

David Marlon, CEO of CrossRoads of Southern Nevada, co-founder, and chairman of Vegas Stronger interviewed by KLAS on Nov. 7, 2021, as a volunteer bringing supplies to the homeless into the tunnel system.

After filing a police report and a complaint with the EEOC, “Doahe” claims Marlon continued to threaten her and says other people knew of Marlon’s behavior and did nothing to stop him or protect her. The lawsuit also accuses John Seeland, CEO at the Las Vegas Recovery Center and COO and acting human resources director at CrossRoads, of ignoring her harassment complaints against Marlon. 

The lawsuit seeks David Marlon and John Seeland and the named corporations pay unspecified compensatory, punitive, and emotional damages to be determined at trial.

In a statement to the I-Team, Marlon’s attorney, Dominic Gentile calls this “a work of fiction, replete with provably false allegations.”

“It is a work of fiction, replete with provably false allegations set in a salacious narrative solely intended by her to harm David Marlon’s reputation as a leader in the treatment of addiction by someone clinging to her own.  We will debunk it in court with proof of its falsehoods and also who put her up to it.”

Statement from Attorney Dominic Gentile

In addition to being co-founder of CrossRoads of Southern Nevada and Vegas Stronger, David Marlon lists involvement with several other entities.