I-Team: Sen. Harry Reid believes UFO files shouldn’t remain secret

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Former Senate Majority leader Harry Reid thinks it is time for the Pentagon to open up its secret UFO files.

The longtime Nevada lawmaker admits he sponsored a secret study that was coordinated by a Las Vegas contractor. But very little of what was produced by the study has been made public. So, what’s hiding in those files and when do we get to see them?

For more than a year, the public has heard about the secret study initiated by Senator Harry Reid and other lawmakers. The study continued for years, but whatever files or reports it created, very little of the material has been made public.

As the I-Team first reported, the company which landed the contract for the program was a subsidiary of Bigelow Aerospace based in Las Vegas.

The Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency have confirmed the program was real, and we know it studied anomalous aerial encounters, such as the now-famous Tic Tac incident from 2004, but the defense department has said it knows of only 38 unclassified reports that were produced.

The I-Team has confirmed, beyond any question, that the study put together a huge UFO database with materials and evidence from all over the world. So, what else is in the files?

I-Team Reporter George Knapp: “The Pentagon has files, more files, compiled in your study. Did you read it? Are you aware of how deep it goes and what’s in it?” 

Sen. Harry Reid: “I didn’t read all of it. My staff did and I spent a lot of time with my staff going over that. It was quite a lot of material, so for me to tell you I read every word of it, if somebody saw that stack of paper, well I’m not sure he’s going to look through it, so truthfully I had two staff people who worked this issue a lot and we spent a lot of time together.”

Reporter George Knapp: “What jumps out at you? Is there substantial documentation?”

Sen. Harry Reid: “In my opinion, this is something we should be studying and as I said, this is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s not just here in the United States.”

One focus of the study, Reid says, was a ranch in Utah known as the site of unusual activity for many years.

Another focus was the appearance of unknown aircraft over nuclear missile bases and other classified military locations and units.

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