LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada State Police are investigating whether a beam at the center of a fatal crash was properly secured before the impact from a truck. 

The beam collapsed and landed on the vehicle of 45-year-old Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Detective Justin Terry, who died at the scene.

He was with the LVMPD for 20 years and leaves behind a wife and two children.

The accident happened in the southbound lanes of U.S. 95 near Centennial Parkway, part of the Nevada Department of Transportation’s Centennial Bowl construction project.

An oversized tractor-trailer was towing construction equipment when it hit the beam, according to Nevada State Police. 

The beam was put in place as a warning to larger vehicles about the bridge up ahead.  Normally, the beam would damage a vehicle upon impact.  Sources tell the I-Team it should not collapse.

The company doing the construction at the site of the beam for the Centennial Bowl Project is Las Vegas Paving, according to sources.  When contacted twice Friday, the company declined to comment.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s website lists at least six violations for the company since 2017. 

Most are considered open investigations because they are being contested.  One investigation is in connection with a worker’s death in 2021. 

At least four investigations are related to bridge construction, according to OSHA.  The most recent investigation involved a bridge collapse near U.S. 95 and Eastern last January.  The case is closed and no violations were issued.

The company which owns the truck is Western States Contracting, according to sources.  The North Las Vegas-based company also declined to comment. 

OSHA’s website lists at least four violations since 2017, including a more than $48,000 fine.  There was also an investigation after an employee was injured on the job and lost a finger in 2019.

According to a spokesman for NDOT, the permitting office is investigating whether the truck had the proper permit. 

By law, oversized vehicles like the tractor-trailer must have a permit to travel on highways.

The early warning beam at the center of the investigation is the only one currently in use in southern Nevada, according to NDOT.