LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new special agent in charge of the Las Vegas Federal Bureau of Investigation office has been named.

Spencer Evans spoke with 8 News Now regarding his new role in southern Nevada.

“The FBI will be working with a variety of partners, both on the law enforcement side and on the election commission side, both at the state and federal levels back at FBI Headquarters and at every field office to make sure that elections are fair and open and safe,” Evans said.

Evans is beginning his new role at an especially busy time of year, as the NFL Draft in Las Vegas recently wrapped up and a new election year is beginning.

“There are specific and very prescriptive ways that we go about doing that to make sure that there’s no undue influence being brought to bear by the FBI or its partners on any sort of election, but those efforts will start to ramp up. They’ve already been well in the works for the last several months,” he continued.

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