I-Team: Nevada Attorney General Ford responds to criticism over video he posted after getting COVID-19 vaccine

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Attorney General Aaron Ford is spreading awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine. Recently on Twitter, he posted a video of himself doing a fraternity dance right after getting the vaccine, but that post drew some criticism.

One response on social media said Ford was tone-deaf to post his video while thousands of Nevadans wait for the vaccine. Ford is in the first group, vaccinated because he is considered law enforcement.

In regard to the criticism, Ford told the I-Team, “If I offended anyone by that video, that was not at all my intent. The intent was again to try to lower the level of trepidation in the community to say you should be excited about getting this vaccine. It is safe, and it is something that can help us get to herd immunity in our community.”

Ford said he did his own research, and he’s confident the vaccine is safe. But he says he’s also aware of people’s hesitation about getting the vaccine, particularly in black and brown communities.

Ford refers to the Tuskeegee Experiment, an entirely unethical medical study that began in 1932 and lasted for decades, as one reason for distrust in the minority community.

“Our government has engaged in experimentation with medicines and with viruses and disease, particularly on black men as we know in the syphilis study that was conducted unbeknownst to black men in Tuskegee, Alabama, and so I wanted to, again, I wanted to address that. I’m trying to lead by example. I wanted to demonstrate that this is a vaccine that’s been properly vetted.”

Ford received the Moderna vaccine. He calls it quick and painless, although he says his arm was a little sore the next day.

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