Law enforcement officers stormed the Encino, California home of music producer and reality star Mally Mall.  Jamal Rashid, better known by his nickname Mally Mall, was targeted by the L.A.P.D. for evidence of possible sex trafficking and by wildlife officers for his ownership of exotic animals. 

The Wednesday morning raid could be the tip of more significant legal troubles in Las Vegas. 

Contrary to some reports, Mally Mall was not arrested Wednesday, and police in LAPD’s still aren’t commenting about what they were seeking.  The only statements from law enforcement officers in California focused on Rashid’s ownership of exotic cats and monkeys, which is why officers from California’s Fish and Game Department were also a part of the raid. But there weren’t any comments about alleged sex trafficking made by law.  

But as the I-Team has reported in the past, Rashid’s Las Vegas properties are at the center of an ongoing federal probe of alleged police corruption and prostitution. And according to one report, FBI agents also entered the home under a search warrant,  looking for evidence of Rashid’s involvement with a multi-state sex trafficking ring, as well as possible violations for possession and sale of exotic animals.  

Rashid’s fondness for rare animals is well known, as are the names of his celebrity friends and clients.

Nearly five years ago, a similar scene played out at Rashid’s Las Vegas home, when FBI agents assigned to the bureau’s public integrity unit surrounded the place, which was the first overt indication that Rashid was considered a central player in a much more extensive investigation. 

As the I-Team has reported, the FBI suspects that Rashid used cash and prostitutes to bribe Las Vegas vice cops to, in essence, remove his competition in the lucrative Las Vegas sex racket.  Rival pimps including Ocean Fleming and Raymond Sharpe were sentenced to life in prison. Those men and at least a dozen other witnesses, including former nightclub promoter Arman Izadi have reportedly told the FBI what they know about the scheme. 

Sworn statements have been filed in court by women who say they worked as prostitutes for Rashid’s escort services, but more than four years later, no charges have been filed against the one-time vice cops or Rashid in connection with the probe. The only person charged in the case is Rashid’s former office manager.  

Witnesses have allegedly told FBI agents the names of Rashid’s thousands of customers, including internationally known celebrities and prominent Las Vegan businessmen, but it is unclear how or if the raid in Los Angeles relates to the Las Vegas probe or why the case has seemingly stalled in Nevada.

The I-Team was unable to confirm a report which claimed the FBI participated in the search Wednesday morning. The FBI has declined to comment throughout its four and a half year investigation. 

Attorneys representing some of Rashid’s business rivals say they worry the statute of limitations could soon expire on some of the possible corruption charges.