LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Did you hear the one about the plan to turn house cats into deadly secret weapons?  No, that’s not a joke; it’s a plot.  It was a plot called “Operation Acoustic Kitty,” which was one of the dozens of creative, off-beat intelligence proposals that were funded and studied by the U.S. Government over the decades.  And many of the plans were hatched in right here in Nevada.  

Nevadans know that secret projects of all kinds have been designed and planned in darkened rooms at Nellis, or the test site, or what is famously known as Area 51.  For example: “Operation Plowshare,” a series of nuclear explosions designed to find out if atomic bombs could be useful for digging canals or other massive projects.   

Historian Vince Houghton has collected dozens of once-secret plans, fancy gadgets, even assassination plots. One of the plans is the title of his book titled, “Nuking the Moon: Nuclear Intelligence Schemes Left on the Drawing Board.”  

Houghton will speak at the National Atomic Testing Museum on Saturday, June 1.

The I-Team’s George Knapp spoke with a historian who is also the curator of the international spy museum ahead of the event. He has the story.