LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hip-hop producer and rapper Mally Mall — whose real name is Jamal Rashid — was sentenced Thursday in Las Vegas to two years and nine months in prison. That is a total of 33 months, which was the maximum he could get under a plea deal.

He previously admitted between 2002 and 2014 his escort services in Clark County were actually fronts for prostitution. Rashid had agreed to a plea deal in federal court with a sentence specified at one to 33 months in prison.

Federal Judge Gloria Navarro calls Rashid a monster in the past and says his victims went through a form of imprisonment. She says she wasn’t sure she’d accept the deal, calling his actions horrific, but she points out he appears to be a law abiding citizen now.

Rashid paid airfare to fly prostitutes to clients, and he advertised sex for sale on websites like Backpage.

Rashid’s attorney told the court he was hospitalized with COVID-19 in July and developed lung problems. His condition led to several delays for his sentencing hearing.

According to the website, Rashid’s rise to fame began with a shout-out on Drake’s “The Motto.” He went on to assemble a team that produced a number of high-profile artists, including Drake, Chris Brown, Usher, Snoop Dogg and Lupe Fiasco.

Rashid has ties to celebrities, including Justin Bieber. He gave Bieber a pet monkey, according to a fan blog. Bieber named the capuchin monkey Mally, and it was in the news again later when customs authorities took it away from him in Germany.

Rashid appears in six episodes in season one of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” as Nikki Mudarris’s longtime boyfriend. He leaked a sex tape of himself Mudarris in 2015.

His Las Vegas mansion was raided by the FBI over reports of exotic animal and human trafficking.

A sentencing memorandum from the U.S. Attorney’s Office argued for the full 33-month sentence.

Rashid said he was sorry in court Thursday.

After the sentencing, the I-Team asked him if there was anything he wanted to say to the victims. David Chesnoff, his attorney, replied:

“We have no comment. We did all our talking in court. Mr. Rashid expressed his remorsefulness, accepted responsibility, and he’s ready to do what the judge said and go back to make people happy with his music.”

Rashid is ordered to turn himself in come August. In addition to time in prison, he will have at least three yeas of probation.


In 2019, Angela Williams told the I-Team she was one of Rashid’s victims. She now says she is pleased with Thursday’s outcome.

“I have faith that his expiration date is coming up,” Williams said during the interview two years ago.

Prosecutors say his criminal enterprise earned him millions of dollars, but the judge pointed out that he lives above his means, and he’s financially underwater.

The I-Team has been following this story for the past few years. George Knapp first broke how this tied into an investigation into possible corruption in Metro’s Vice Unit. No officers were charged, and Sheriff Joe Lombardo insists the unit has been cleaned up. It appears Rashid’s case is the only one to move forward, as a result of that investigation.