I-Team: Gov. Sisolak responds to Pres. Trump’s decision to hold rallies in Nevada despite state’s COVID-19 guidelines on large crowds

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Disrespectful and dangerous, those are just some of the words Governor Steve Sisolak used to describe President Donald Trump’s rally in Henderson and Minden, Nevada over the weekend. Gov. Sisolak talked to the I-Team’s Vanessa Murphy about it. Here’s what he had to say.

Vanessa Murphy, I-Team Reporter: “Let’s start with President Donald Trump. He called you a political hack, told his supporters to tell your governor top open up your state. Your response?”

Governor Steve Sisolak, D-NV: “Well, I think that I don’t know where he comes up with the political hack. I thought he was talking about his golf game or something. I don’t know. I don’t know how I can respond to President Trump at what he said. His actions were selfish, reckless, irresponsible. He jeopardized the health and safety of every person that lives in the state of Nevada. And there is just no excuse for what he did. I mean, he knew what the rules were. Those rules were developed in coordination with the White House. I mean, the limited gathering space. If you’re a red zone, it had to be ten. Yellow it had to be, we made it. He knew what the rules were and chose willfully to just disregard them. And then his comment that he wasn’t worried about getting the virus. Well, I’m not worried about him getting the virus, I’m worried about the 3 million people that live here.”

What the Governor is referring to is the president telling a reporter with the Review-Journal that he wasn’t concerned about catching COVID-19 at the indoor rally because he’s on stage and it’s very far away, seemingly meaning from the crowd.

Although, we still don’t know the numbers as far as COVID-19 is concerned when it comes to know the results from Labor Day Weekend because the Centers For Disease Control says it usually takes two to 14 days for those infected with the virus to show symptoms, Gov. Sisolak says there is no doubt numbers will go up. Sisolak says he also believes Trumps two rallies will cause a spike.

Governor Steve Sisolak: “The one in Henderson, it couldn’t have been worse. It’s a confined area. There’s not a lot of circulation in there. A lot of people were not wearing masks, and I’m sure some of the people behind the camera put them on when they were taking shots. But you looked at the audience, all of the videos I saw people were not basically wearing masks. They weren’t distanced. They were in large groups, and a lot of them articulates are coming out there. They’re hollering. They’re chanting. They’re cheering. That sort of thing, which helps spread the virus. That’s what spreads it. But what happens is, Vanessa, people gotta understand — we have just started to plateau and to go down in some of our hospitalization and positivity and what not. We are desperately trying to re-open our economy. To re-open more and more businesses. To expand their ability to bring people back to work and make a living and what he did by having these rallies hinders our ability to increase capacity in restaurants, in churches, in various businesses, because somebody is selfish enough to come in for their own good. Now everybody is gonna suffer as a result of that, and our economy is not gonna open back up as quickly as it would have.”

Vanessa Murphy: “What abocriticismiticism that the protests that have happened, that have been happening don’t get as much criticism?”

Gov. Sisolak: “The protests get plenty of criticism. The difference is that you have a business, let’s say a gathering: Businesses we can regulate because they’re licensed. If you go in, like a casino could not have what they did at that manufacturing facility because they have a gaming license and they know what the rules are. But you can’t control; the casinos are having a real problem — if you’re inside the casino, you’re gonna follow the guidelines. You walk out on the Strip after you leave one casino walking to another one, where you walk on Fremont street. There’s really nobody in charge of you when you’re out there. We don’t have law enforcement handing out tickets.”

Vanessa Murphy: “The President is saying you were behind this effort to make sure his rallies and campaign events did not happen. You said you were not part of that. The next question is, no one from your office, no one from your administration, made any phone calls?”

Gov. Sisolak: “No one made any phone calls with these rallies. I read about them in the paper and online just like everybody else did.

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