Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid says he is not quite finished with the study of UFOs.

Reid said in an interview Thursday morning that he is working to convince his former colleagues in Congress to take the mystery seriously.

As the I-Team first reported back in 2017, Reid and two senate colleagues authorized a classified Pentagon study of UFOs, one that was carried out by a Las Vegas contractor. Part of the study involved now-public videos of encounters between the U.S. military and unknown vehicles that were far superior to anything known to exist.

During an interview on KNPR’s “State of Nevada” program, Reid called the study “incredibly important” and said he hopes Congress will make it easier for witnesses to come forward.

“We found in the past that these pilots when they see something strange like this, they are prone not to report it for fear that their bosses will think that something is wrong with them and they don’t get a promotion so many, many times they don’t say a word to anybody about these strange things. But now, people are beginning to see, see the facts, and the facts are, they need a place to be able to report this and that’s what I will work on,” said Sen. Harry Reid, former Senate Majority Leader.

Reid also said he has visited top secret Area 51 multiple times but he declined to describe the technology or projects he has seen at the base.