I-Team: Former prostitute makes claims about music mogul in lawsuit

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A former prostitute is suing the state of Nevada and lawmakers for what she calls their role in sex trafficking by allowing brothels. But her claims don’t stop there.

This may also be another piece of the puzzle in a federal investigation into former Metro vice cops the I-Team has been reporting on for the past few years.

The I-Team has an exclusive interview with the plaintiff who is making claims about a hip hop mogul in the lawsuit.

Former prostitute Angela Williams says she worked for hip hop producer and reality star Jamal Rashid, also known as Mally Mall.

“He always had, in his home, his home was kind of like the Never Neverland or what people portray like Michael Jackson’s Never Neverland for the kids but for pimps and prostitutes and musicians,” she said.

Rashid’s Encino, California mansion was raided by police in April.

“I have faith that his expiration date is coming up soon,” Williams said.

LAPD officers and California’s Fish and Game Department were investigating possible possession and sale of exotic animals. But FBI agents were there, too. As the I-Team has been reporting, there has been an investigation into former vice cops at the Metropolitan Police Department who sources say may have worked with Rashid.

Two convicted pimps in Las Vegas have also claimed in their court filings that Rashid was working with vice cops to help him knock down competition. Nearly five years ago, his Las Vegas home was also raided and the FBI served a search warrant at a business he ran which police said was an escort service.

Investigators were looking into whether Rashid was bribing the former vice cops with prostitutes and money.

“From my understanding, I know that he definitely was involved with vice Metro officers that were supposed to be paid to protect us the whole time that they should have been going after him, they were in business with him,” Williams said.

The Metro Police Department has acknowledged the investigation both in an interview with the I-Team in 2017 and in this statement from 2018:

“LVMPD is cooperating with the FBI in their investigation into former vice personnel. Based on its own concerns LVMPD has made several changes to staff and operations of the vice section. The Homeland Security Division is actively investigating associated individuals and allegations.”

“I’m more afraid for my safety from being involved, you know, with Metro and that corruption scandal than running into Mally Mall. So, yeah, it’s fishy,” Williams said.

Williams says she connected with Rashid after responding to an ad for an escort service.

Reporter Vanessa Murphy: “Did you understand that you would be selling sex?”

Angela Williams: “Yes, ma’am, I understood I would be selling sex. It was kind of like what’s understood doesn’t need to be talked about in any of those type of ads that you respond to. At that moment, I didn’t know that there was a man behind the curtains running the business because the ad said female owned and operated but there was definitely a guy running everything where all the money went to.”

According to records, there are 39 licensed escort services in Clark County. While prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas or Clark County, it is legal in other Nevada counties like Nye.

Williams says there’s a grey area which results in sex trafficking. She believes legal prostitution can lead to illegal prostitution. And that’s the claim made in a lawsuit she and two other women filed against Governor Steve Sisolak, lawmakers and the state of Nevada.

“Las Vegas and Nevada is definitely is a hub for domestic sex trafficking in America,” Williams said. “And I do believe that the state of Nevada should be held accountable for the things that. They’re enabling within that toxic subculture.”

No charges have been brought against former vice cops or Jamal Rashid.

“It’s pretty disgusting that he’s out and a lot of lives have been damaged. There’s tons of girls that suffer from severe PTSD from the years, some decade-plus of, you know, being with him and being manipulated by him and controlled by him and his employees,” she said.

Rashid’s publicist sent the I-Team an email stating that Rashid has absolutely no comment.

She referred us to a previous quote from his attorney who called it a nonsense lawsuit and said the allegations against Mally Mall are not deserving of further comment.

A spokeswoman for Governor Steve Sisolak says they are unable to comment on pending litigation against the state.

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