LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — New information tonight in the case of a one-day old baby kidnapped from a Chicago hospital 55 years ago.

An infant born in 1964 as Paul Fronczak vanished after being kidnapped by a woman dressed as a nurse. It set off a nationwide manhunt, but the baby and kidnapper were never found. 

A new search began six years ago when the I-Team reported on a Henderson man who had been raised to believe he was Paul Fronczak but found out he wasn’t after taking a DNA test.

After our stories aired, the FBI reopened the case.

As the I-Team reported last week , the real Paul Fronczak has now been located.

He’s alive, living in a town in Michigan. 

Today, the FBI issued this statement to our sister station, WGN-TV in Chicago:

“Several years ago, the FBI reopened the investigation into the disappearance of Paul Joseph Fronczak. Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing as we continue to pursue all leads. We ask for privacy for the victims as we continue to investigate the facts surrounding this case.”

The FBI declined to confirm the name or location of the real Paul Fronczak. However, a team from WGN tracked the man to his hometown in Michigan earlier this week. A reporter spoke to him, but he requested privacy.

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George Knapp of the I-Team has followed the story since 2012 and will have more tomorrow.