I-Team: Family waits to hear if son can wear listening device at school

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) The fight for a child to wear a listening device inside the classroom is at a halt while a hearing master makes a decision.

It’s a story the I-Team first broke.

A two-day hearing wrapped up Wednesday. The parents of JJ Wahrer, a 6-year-old autistic boy who is non-verbal, want to send him to school with “Angel Sense.”

The device, which is small enough to fit inside a pocket, would give JJ’s parents the ability to listen in.

The Clark County School District objects citing privacy issues.

A former teacher of JJ’s, Melody Carter, hit him with a stick, according to an arrest report last year. She agreed to a plea deal.

The hearing made it clear JJ and his parents still face issues and there is a lack of communication by school staff to report problems.

“JJ couldn’t tell mom and dad that he was beaten. He couldn’t tell them that he gets home and he’s starving and parched because he has had nothing to drink or eat all day. He can’t tell mom and dad his groin is wet, itchy, cold and chafe because he’s forced to sit in his urine and feces for hours,” said Gregg Hubley, attorney for Wahrer family.

A decision may come next week.    

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