LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Moments after a deadly crash involving a high-profile businessman, the 8 News NOW I-Team has exclusively obtained video of the first time Scott Gragson was questioned at the scene by a Metro Police officer.

Gragson, 53, was accused of driving drunk and losing control of his SUV. It happened in the upscale Ridges community in Summerlin. One woman was killed in the May 30 crash, and three others were injured. The person killed was 36-year-old Melissa Newton. She was a mother of three.

Gragson is facing eight felony charges.

The I-Team has also obtained documents and additional video at the center of the case. I-Team Reporter Vanessa Murphy has been looking through the video and photos all day.

“All the people behind me, they’re coming to my house,” said Gragson to the guard at the gate.

Gragson wanted the guard, at the gate of the upscale community to let in the cars behind him. Everyone was on their way to Gragson’s house following a charity golf tournament in the community, but the guard told Gragson that she was following the rules, so everyone would have to sign in.

That’s when the security video from the gate shows the Las Vegas real estate executive ignoring the guard and speeding off. Moments later, there was a crash.

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Security video shows what appears to be the second point of impact.
One of Gragson’s passengers was ejected and thrown in the street. Melissa Newton was killed on impact.

Gragson exited the mangled SUV. Metro Police arrived on scene and questioned him. The officer’s body camera video captured all of it.

WEB EXTRA: Full body camera video of Scott Gragson’s interaction with police.

Officer: “What’s going on today?”
Gragson: “There’s a problem.”
Officer: “Huh?”
Gragson: “There’s a big problem.”
Officer: “What’s the big problem?”
Gragson: “The obvious problem.”

Gragson appears to cooperate at the scene, telling the officer that he had four to five drinks since about 9 a.m. It was a mix of tequila and beer. The crash happened just before 5 p.m. The officer also gave him a field sobriety test.

Gragson: “1, 2, 3,…”
Officer: “Look down at your foot.”
Gragson: “…3, 4, 5, 6. Oh, I just failed it.”

According to Metro Police, Gragson failed the sobriety test.

The 53-yearold was arrested and booked into the Clark County detention Center.

On the body camera video from the officer at the scene, Gragson can be seen repeatedly asking the officer about a passenger.

“Is she dead,” Gragson asked?

Only after his arrest was he given a straight answer.

“Well, sir, I’m gonna tell you this: It’s not good,” the officer said.

Police records show Scott Gragson’s blood-alcohol level was at a .147, and this is when it was taken about 3 1/2 hours after the crash. That’s nearly twice the legal limit.

In July, he was indicted on eight DUI-related felony counts. Gragson’s attorney recently told 8 News Now he intends to plead not guilty. Gragson’s next court date is scheduled for next month.

In the meantime, Gragson has posted bail.

Christopher Bentley, one of the passengers hurt in the crash when he was thrown from the vehicle as well filed a lawsuit against Gragson. The suit blames the crash on what is being called an alcohol-fueled rage by Gragson.

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