I-Team Exclusive: Recovering COVID-19 patient shares her battle

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We often hear about high-risk patients when it comes to COVID-19, like people with underlying medical conditions, people with weakened immune systems and also seniors. But the virus has no boundaries.

The I-Team had an exclusive interview with a Las Vegas woman who is recovering from the virus and doesn’t fall into any high risk group.

Paula Pant, 36, told us she has no underlying medical conditions and described a tough battle with the virus.

“It was the most, like the scariest, most hellish thing that I had ever been through,” recalled Pant.

She said on Friday, March 20, she started feeling rundown. The next day was worse:

“I walked into the kitchen, and I got really dizzy, and then I fell. So just, just standing in my kitchen, I fell down,” she recounted.

That was followed by fevers as high as 103.7 and a cough so bad, she said she thought she’d fractured a rib.

We asked if she’d ever reached a point where she was concerned for her life.

“I did,” Pant stated. “So when I, that Monday and Tuesday of that week, when I was at my sickest. I remember laying in bed and thinking about the fact that I haven’t, I haven’t yet made an estate plan. So, I don’t have will or a trust set up.”

For Pant, finance is top of mind, as she’s creator of the popular “Afford Anything” blog and podcast.

She documented part of her journey on social media and shared her struggles, including trying to get a test. She also said a virtual doctor visit she scheduled was canceled.

Pant eventually did find a test and get medical attention over the phone, but not without a challenge.

“I just felt that was the most frustrating part was not knowing what to do and not being able to get anybody on the phone.”

She rode it out at home, and since she wasn’t hospitalized, she believes her case would be considered moderate, as tough as it was.

“I just had the experience of, like, laying bed thinking like this, this might be it.”

Pant said she isn’t sure how she caught coronavirus, but she believes everyone should just assume they have the virus so they practice social distancing and help flatten the curve.

To follow her journey, visit her blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Pant also signed up through the Red Cross to donate plasma. The Red Cross is looking for people who have fully recovered from COVID-19, since their plasma may provide antibodies to help very sick patients recover from the virus.

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