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The I-Team spent time with the U.S. Marshals during “Operation Star” which resulted in 135 arrests. They were there as marshals searched for the fugitives.

“The United States Marshal provides the ability to chase people anywhere in the world,” said U.S. Marshal Gary Schofield.

He is the U.S. Marshal for the state of Nevada overseeing a team of deputy marshals. The I-Team is not identifying any deputy marshals since they often work undercover to locate criminals.

“Some fugitives are very active and might take an hour or two hours and then others might take a couple of weeks,” the deputy marshal said.

In late August and early September, the marshals teamed up with other law enforcement agencies for “Operation Star.”

“What makes this so different is it’s a very large scale operation that had not been done in Nevada for a long period of time,” Schofield said. “So, when I became the marshal one of my goals was to re-establish those types of ties and connections into local law enforcement both on the federal level, the state level, and the local level.”

The I-Team watched that unfold last Wednesday.

“He is a previous felon and has been charged with felon in possession of firearms, drugs offenses and obstruction of justice,” the deputy marshal said. “He also is a gang member.”

When the U.S. marshals assisted parole and probation in capturing Ruben Cruz who the deputy says was involved in a crash earlier that morning.

“Suspect from hit and run been outstanding with P & P since 2014 warrant here in Nevada.”

Marshals and police surrounded his southwest valley home. Cruz exited after a few minutes, along with several others.

“We pulled everyone out of the house so we could do a ID check on em, make sure they’re not wanted and then they’ll be let go and be on their merry way, the deputy said.

Turns out the deputy marshal says his team found two assault rifles, cocaine and a stolen handgun inside the house.

Cruz remains in jail.

“Any time there is a not a loss of life or people running or no injuries to anybody involved, the fugitive or the officers, it’s always smooth.”

The U.S. marshal says he’s planning on doing more operations like this one. The U.S. Marshal service travels internationally to track down fugitives.

“Operation Star” included an arrest made in Mexico. U.S. Marshal Schofield says the suspect ran from Sparks, Nevada after being charged with 11 counts of sexual assault of a child.

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