LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– As home rental prices continue to soar in Las Vegas, tenants are feeling the struggle.

On Wednesday, Teresa Jameson, 69, was evicted in Las Vegas Justice Court. Her landlord, Brad Bailey said he was facing foreclosure and selling the property.  Jameson said there are issues with the landlord and asked for more time.

“You’ve had a lot of time and I understand completely it’s hard to find a place and maybe next to impossible,” Hearing Master David Brown said.  He referenced action initiated by Bailey four months ago.  He ordered Jameson and two others living in the property to leave by October 19th.

“I just don’t think it’s fair,” Jameson said.

The I-Team visited Jameson at the mobile home in the Sunrise Manor neighborhood the day after she was evicted. 

“The front porch is caving in,” Jameson said. “Most of the sockets in here don’t work.”  The I-Team observed holes in the walls, a bathroom which Jameson said cannot be used, and other deplorable conditions.

Jameson said her monthly rent at the mobile home is $200 dollars. That’s far below the average for an apartment in the Las Vegas area, which is more than $1200 dollars.

“I’ve never rented from somebody like this before. I’ve never done the room for rent, for a room, but when I got on social security it was so little, I had to, you know,” Jameson added.

She told the I-Team that the highest monthly rent she can afford is about $450 dollars.

“It’s bad and there’s gonna be a lot of people going through this and I feel for them. I really do,” Jameson said.

The I-Team reached out to the landlord who did not return calls in time for deadline.  The I-Team has also reached out to several agencies which are trying to assist Jameson in finding housing.  They include United Way and Catholic Charities.

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