UPDATE: I-Team learns convicted pimp will be freed from prison

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UPDATE: The I-Team confirmed Friday morning that once-convicted pimp Ocean Fleming will be granted parole on Jan. 1 2020, according to his attorney.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A once-convicted pimp who received a sentence of up to life in prison could soon be a free man. That’s because prosecutors agreed to a newer plea deal, and it all may tie in with an investigation into Metro’s Vice Cops.

“I’m positive I can make it on the streets,” said convicted felon Ocean Fleming. “I know I can, and I have no intentions of ever coming back here.”

Fleming was known as a notorious pimp and a violent man, but he insists he’s changed. His lawyer points to police corruption and now a parole board is deciding Fleming’s future.

Fleming could be eligible for parole on January 1st. That’s a big difference from the sentence he previously faced — up to life in prison. In 2012, Fleming was convicted of 23 counts. Metro police said he forced women to sell sex and terrorized them.

In 2018, Fleming was offered a plea deal from a special prosecutor for the Clark County District Attorney’s Office. In the offer, those 23 counts would be dropped to three and his potential life sentence was dropped to 7-21 years.

As the I-Team first reported in 2016, the FBI has been investigating Metro’s Vice Cop unit. The allegation: some rogue Vice Cops were working with Ocean Fleming’s competition.

Attorney Janiece Marshall says she’s uncovered evidence to support that, including a connection between the lead detective on Fleming’s case and Jamal Rashid — the hip hop producer known as Mally Mall — also a subject of raids.

Marshall says the night before she was scheduled to reveal more in Clark County District Court that plea deal for Fleming was offered. As the I-Team first reported, sources say a plea deal in federal court is being considered for Rashid, and Baughman could also face charges as a result of the FBI investigation.

Fleming’s been locked up for more than eight years and now the parole board will decide whether he can be a free man.

He told the parole board he is ashamed of his abusive past.

“I swear I won’t let y’all down,” Fleming said. “I do take full responsibility for my actions.”

The parole board does not decide right away and they look at the risks for each inmate.

Fleming had been in trouble before. He’s convicted of violent crimes like kidnapping and assault he’s a documented Crip. That would work against him, but he has a support system including his mother and fiancée. He has children, he’s taken classes in prison and he has a job lined up, so he has those things working for him.

We’ll let you know what the parole board decides. Also, it is important to note, Sheriff Lombardo insists the Vice Unit has been cleaned up.

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