LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A judge’s decision to grant house arrest to the woman accused of pushing an elderly man out of an RTC bus is drawing harsh criticism from some Las Vegas locals.

A petition to have the judge removed has already gained more than 1,00 signatures. Those who have signed it say 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop should remain behind bars.

However, there are a couple of things some petitioners may want to be know. First, the decision to grant bail wasn’t made by a single judge. And the judge being calling out wasn’t elected by the people.

Cadesha Bishop’s case was actually handled by two judges. One who was elected and the other a pro-tem, who was appointed and fills in.

On May 6, Judge Melissa Saragosa issued the arrest warrant for Bishop with a $100,000 bail. On May 7, Bishop was in custody when Judge Jeannie Hua handled the case. Hua is a pro-tem. She kept the $100,000 bail and put Bishop on electronic monitoring so if she would fail to appear in court, she could be tracked with GPS.

Las Vegas District Court Chief Judge Suzan Baucum issued the following statement:

“Both Judges Saragosa and Jeannie Hua reviewed the Nevada Pre-Trial Risk Assessment Tool to determine the defendant’s prior criminal history and failures to appear. Jeannie Hua also heard arguments from both the Public Defender and the Deputy District Attorney. Prior to making a decision to keep bail in the amount of $100,000.00 as set by Judge Saragosa in the Arrest Warrant. Jeannie Hua added “High Level” Electronic Monitoring as an additional requirement of bail. Bail is not meant to be punitive but is to make sure the defendant appears in court.”

Bishop had two misdemeanor domestic violence cases on her record and one failure to appear. The Clark County District Attorney told 8 News Now, last week, he disagreed with that decision to issue any bail and believes Bishop should be locked up.

Bail after an arrest is to ensure the person comes back to court, it’s not to punish them. And Bishop has not yet been convicted.

The video showing the incident has been shared worldwide and the decision on Bishop’s bail has stirred up a lot of controversy.